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The La Maisŏn de la Păix Foundation of Polish Warsaw, hereinafter called La Maison de la Paix Fundacja of  the Republic of Poland | National Court Register | KRS 0000612596 | NIP 5223060409 | REGON 364203072 | are in no way associated with, or affiliated to, any of the Fundations featured on the other European countries.


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Foundation talks about the sustainability inherent in the European way of life and culture – activities to transform lives and build sustainable communities at a deep sense of consonance. In the long history of Polish civilization, harmony has always been a highly valued virtue. Predecessors and Polish people have always put an emphasis on harmony.It encompasses the fundamental principles of nature, society and humanity. It is also a prerequisite for cultivating one’s morality, protecting one’s family, governing one’s nation and stabilizing the world.  


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As part of the Public Program La Maison de la Paix of polish Warsaw to citizens and Their Families Program, Private Intervention on behalf of owner of the Agency Moody’s builds on the program’s core goals in a ethically. In other words, a Foundation is an person that carries out the functions of an exponent, irrespective of whether they are in public as a Family Foundation, or they perform such functions as a adjunct to, or conjunction with, other activities such as research owning or providing feasibility.

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Review and an early intervention by Chairman of the Managing Board La Maison de la Paix Foundation at The Council of Ministers. Unfavorable opinions-Rating Direct, report Standard & Poor’s of the Polish Republic in January 2016. Following is the text of the Intervention made by the La Maison de La Paix Foundation at the Science and Higher Education Minister Mr Jaroslaw Gowin and at the Council of Ministers. Meeting on ‘Rating of the Republic of Poland. Economy and Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth’ as Lead Speaker in Wasrsaw D.C. 11th, 17 th February, 2nd March. Effect: On May 2nd, 2o16 Asking for silence Mr Pawel Szalamacha Minister of Finance wrote an official letter to Mr Andrew Rzepliński The President of the Constitutional Tribunal. / Complete incomprehension of the problem by the Ministers. - Neverthelees the intention of the Foundation achieved./ Poland has avoided a downgrade by the credit ratings Moody’s. Watch the TV Public News and find out how the La Maison de la Paix foundation works.


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